ALL PRE-ORDER HAVE SHIPPED! Thanks again for your patience with our endless dilemmas. We still have a few gold editions left, so grab them quick!


FUNGI GIRLS ‘Some Easy Magic’ LP/CD
KETAMINES ‘Line By Line’ debut 7″ EP
PUFFY AREOLAS ‘Gentleman’s Grip’ 7″ EP
BLACK BUG ‘Police Helicopter’ 7″ EP

Also, we have been restocked with a few SUBTLE TURNHIPS ‘Terd’ LPs that were previously sold out. Only 400 black editions pressed, we have about 20 copies back in our hand for anyone that missed out on this sleeper classic thug punk masterpiece.

We’ve also got a new LP from NICE FACE ‘Horizon Fires’ in the pipe as well, so to get anyone who missed out reacquainted, we’ve got a super limited (Red edition of 200 copies) pressing of their HoZac smash hit 7″ from 2008. Grab it if you missed it, as it’s pure gold for fans of snarling DEVO-cum-Catatonic Youth caterwaul, and we’re happy to make it gloriously available again. Grab them both right HERE.