Jimi Kritzler – HZB-001 Noise In My Head – Voice From the Ugly Australian Underground

Ryan Duggan – HZB-002 Dare To Be Stupid

Jim Parrett – HZB-003 Denim Delinquent 1971-76

Brian McMahon – HZB-004 Jaguar Ride: Memoir of an Electric Eel

Sal Maida – HZB-005 Four Strings, Phony Proof, & 300 45s

Mac Blackout – HZB-006 Madman’s Eye

Rich Tupica – HZB-007 There Was A Light: the Cosmic History of Chris Bell & The Rise of Big Star

Bob Bert – HZB-008 I’m Just The Drummer

Paul Collins with Chuck Nolan – HZB-009 I Don’t Fit In – My Wild Ride Through the Punk and Power Pop Trenches with The Nerves and The Beat

Brian Shanley – HZB-010 Dodged & Burned – Seminal Rock Photography 1976-84

Michael Belfer with Will York – HZB-011 When Can I Fly?: The SLEEPERS, TUXEDOMOON & Beyond

Sal Maida, Mitchell Cohen & Friends – HZB-012 The White Label Promo Preservation Society

Tim Hinely & Friends – HZB-013 Where The Wild Gigs Were: A Trip Through America’s Legendary Underground Music Venues

Bill Kopp – HZB-014 Disturbing the Peace: 415 Records and the Rise of New Wave

Michael Goldberg – HZB-015 Wicked Game – The True Story of Guitarist James Calvin Wilsey

Marty Perez – HZB-016 Kill A Punk For Rock & Roll – 1976-2019 Photography

Jeff Drake – HZB-017 GUILTY! My Life As a Member of The Joneses – A Heroin Addict, A Bank Robber, and a Federal Inmate

Bebe Buell – HZB-018 Rebel Soul- Musings, Music, & Magic

Richard Langston – HZB-019 Pull Down The Shades – GARAGE 1984-86 Fanzine compendium


White Label Promo Preservation Society Volume 2 by Sal Maida, Mitchell Cohen & Friends

Escapades – Art & Music 1980-2022 – by Jowe Head (Swell Maps/Television Personalities/Steve Treatment)

Punk Under The Sun – Punk and New Wave in South Florida by Joey Seeman & Chris Potash

Peter Jefferies – The Other Side of Reason by Andrew Schmidt (Nocturnal Projections/This Kind of Punishment/ Plagal Grind)

Bottom’s Up! Top Bass Players of the 1960s by Sal Maida

In The Blink of An Eye – Detroit Rock Photography by Tom Weschler

An Ideal for Living: In Praise of Extended Play by Cory duBrowa & Friends

Gabba Gabba Gazette 1977-79- Chicago fanzine compendium by Mary-Alice Ramel & friends

La Mere Vipere 1977-78 photographs by Michael Hernandez de Luna

The BUDGET ROCK Book by Shane White

Diary of An AdMAN: A History of Rock’n Roll Advertising – by Nathan Webber

Canderson Photography Book ONE

As If It Really Mattered – Early DC Punk History by Mary Leary

History of Canadian GLAM by Robert Dayton

Rock Writ Compendium by Armen Svadjian

UNGUARDED MOMENTS: Backstage & Beyond- Photography by Theresa Kereakes