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And here it is folks, the sophomore LP outing from the French breakthrough underground sensations, The Limiñanas, who are embarking on an even darker journey on this voyage into the stickiest, most vulnerable parts of your brain. After triumphantly completing their maiden US tour last year and proving to the world how effortlessly they capture their recorded essence in a live setting, they have returned with Crystal Anis, an LP brimming with perfect, humming, fuzz-filled effervescent pop so alluring and seductive in it’s most intimate points that it’s easy to get lost as the heavenly sounds rush over your soul. It’s a perfect slice of modern French Ye-Ye gone underground, conjuring a dimly-lit atmosphere where the long lost transcendent sounds of The Factory intersperse with modern noir nuances to unbelievable effect. This is the Limiñanas hitting their compositional peak stride, with lush instrumentation, building on their signature thick-accented tension, all properly enveloped within their monumentally textured songwriting style. ‘Heavenly’ doesn’t even begin to describe it, but it’s a great place to start.

On Crystal Anis, The Limiñanas are at the top of their game, crafting a highly-stylized sound that’s impeccably classic and undeniably modern, with their hypnotic beat and enchanting vocals, proving that once those hooks set in, it’s just impossible to resist. –

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