XRay Eyeballs

The initial swooning rhythm thrust forth by Brooklyn’s quickly ascending XRay Eyeballs is a heady blast of creeping distortion beautifully bent into perspective by these insidious inhabitants of the dark corners of your mind. With these three tracks on their debut 7″ EP, we get a glimpse at the mesmerizing range of slurred styles that they encapsulate so well, both throbbing along at a heartbeat-pace and quivering restlessly, XRay Eyeballs knock out the instant hits with an effortless ease that feels so right, it refreshes your cloudy state of mind instantly. Infectious pop filtered through a dizzying framework of noise and frenzy, this EP has that certain lovely nastiness that it takes to make an intriguing first impression.

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‘Crystal’ debut 7″ EP (HZR-081)
1st press Black edition of 500 Available HERE:


‘Crystal’ debut 7″ EP (HZR-081)
Gold Edition of 200 : SOLD OUT