Calgary Alberta continues to reinstate it’s prowess as the Canadian source for essential underground sounds, and we’ve got Teledrome’s 5-track debut 7″ EP to prove that fact even further. An irresistible, hook-filled/synth-laden sound like this may initially remind you of The Spits’ slovenly take on primitive futurism, yet this walks the line between neurotic buzzsaw pop and cold wave simplicity so well, it steers clear of the mongo-Ramones’ formula and would fit right in among any of the essential early Factory/Mute releases. Within seconds of the title track’s explosive refrain, Teledrome lock themselves down as a tightly-crafted outfit that doesn’t leave time for introspection. Cranking through five fully-formed classics all within 45 revolutions per minute over both sides of this 7,” a feat not easily accomplished in today’s climate of long-winded artistic “expressions.”

Teledrome captures it all so well, drizzling icy keyboard leads over pounding, dark rhythms all drenched in a dazzling monotone vocal veneer that reminds you of how soon these demonic robots all around us will be our complete masters. Your digital alarm clock already tells you when to wake up, so you know it’s inevitable. These five pulse-quickening jolts of this uncut grade of guitar/synth-blast should keep your valves primed for their impending debut LP coming later this year, and don’t miss them at this year’s Blackout Fest in Chicago.

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‘Double Vision’ debut 7″ EP (HZR-111)
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‘Double Vision’ debut 7″ EP (HZR-111)
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