Spider Fever

The brain-blasting and overwhelmingly exhilarating energy that seethes through these first tracks by San Diego’s Spider Fever are what hooked us immediately, with two perfectly raw and impeccably loud songs barreling out of punk’s original seeping wounds. Featuring drummer extraordinaire Mario Rubalcaba (OFF!, Earthless, Rocket From The Crypt, Chicano-Christ, and many more…) here on lead vocals & godlike shredding guitar, it’s a rare and hefty slice of Testors-influenced 70s punk splatter that’s shaking the walls and shattering the windows anywhere its cranked. You just won’t be able to resist this type of nasty scuzz bleeding into air-tight choruses that beat you up and down all within less than two and a half minutes. It’s a classic return to the original violent form that steers clear of any “weird punk” wall-flowering and just beats you continuously until the breathing stops, all to a catchy beat that gets in and out before there’s even time to remember what hit you.

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‘Whatcha Gonna Do’ b/w ‘Party Girl’ debut 7″ (HZR-083)
1st press Black edition of 500 : SOLD OUT


‘Whatcha Gonna Do’ b/w ‘Party Girl’ debut 7″ (HZR-083)
Gold Edition of 200 : SOLD OUT