Southern Comfort

There’s just no way around it, this Southern Comfort 7″ is possibly the most visceral bummer punk classic two-sider of 2014, and your head won’t be the same after you hear it blasting with the windows open on a warm sunny day. As if it was even possible to keep up with all of the great underground music bleeding out of Australia at the moment, always the the helm of that perfectly effortless burnout guitar sound is Angie Bermuda, who somehow had time to fit Southern Comfort in her massive release schedule, but with how great of a dirgey hit their debut single was, we knew this was just going to get better. Filling the other side of this equation is Harriet Hudson, a tough-talkin’ gal whose incredible snarling vocals intertwine angelically with Angie’s to form a knot in your skull you just can’t pull loose, and you certainly won’t want to. That perfectly innocent jangling intro isn’t anything to be worried about, but as it intensifies and and that inimitable first guitar solo on “Suzanne” cuts through the space junk and right into your heart, your body will writhe and your mind will liquefy into thickened honey, and you’ll hear it dripping right from your speakers. It might be a lot to take in but we know you can handle it, just don’t crash into the rocks and you’ll be fine.

If you aren’t already familiar, be sure to check into all the other great bands Angie is currently involved with, RUINED FORTUNE, STRAIGHT ARROWS, her solo ‘Angie’ LP, and get ready for Harriet’s MISS DESTINY debut 7″ to burst forth later this summer, all shining examples of the incredibly fruitful Australian landscape.


Recommended If You Like: Circle Pit, Angie, Dum Dum Girls, Wax Idols, Redd Kross, Miss Destiny, Ruined Fortune, Super Wild Horses

Check out the beautifully bruising “Suzanne” right here:



Suzanne b/w Me And My Baby 7″ (HZR-149)
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