Smith Westerns

At long last, the debut full-length from Chicago’s Smith Westerns has landed and it’s going to make this Summer the best ever, for real. With their metamorphosis over the past year from a sloppy teenage punk mess into a full-fledged glam pop explosion, this is one incredible leap of progress. Lovers and haters both will agree, and if you haven’t tuned in to their latest recordings, it might cause a jolt of euphoric confusion that you can really warm up to, as you marvel at their fastidious growth while digging through the outer fringes of rock’n roll’s vast well of influences. You can either chalk it up to the pristine Fuk Sity production that boggles the mind, or those instant classic songs that stick in your head for weeks, but any way you slice it, The Smith Westerns have officially arrived with this album. Strings and piano? Yep, they’ve really made those moves, and as they manage to keep each song interesting and unique, fans of true pop will be blown away like nothing else going these days. Straddling the fine line between the misty-eyed feyness of Brett Smiley and Milk’n’Cookies, with the slithering macho grunt of Marc Bolan’s silk pajamas tied around Alvin Stardust‘s throat, it’s nothing short of a modern Summer classic power pop album, and we’re beyond excited to offer it up as our first LP.

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Check out the Smith Westerns in the trailer for their feature film, ‘THE PUNK AGENDA”

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s/t debut LP/CD (HZR-040)
FINAL White edition of 500
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Irukandji debut 3-track 7″ EP (HZR-017)
Black / Red Edition (SOLD OUT)

Irukandji debut 3-track 7″ EP (HZR-017)
Gold Edition of 150 with alternate sleeve (SOLD OUT)