Reading Rainbow

When we first saw Philadelphia’s Reading Rainbow at a house party in Texas earlier this year, their ultra-primitive live show was a bolt from the blue. Nothing short of beautiful bashing beats, mesmerizing melodies, and an overall crushing display of songwriting simplicity done right, when it seems so easy to do wrong. Just a two-piece boy and girl couple, utilizing a captivating and metronomic drum beat underneath a scaly and spidery, yet irresistible guitar crunch, it was impossible to resist then, and we still haven’t been able to shake off the shivers they induced to this day. One of a handful of new bands with an instantly unique and penetrating sound all their own, Reading Rainbow drive a deep groove down the center of each well-beaten track on the Prism Eyes LP, creating the addicting and awe-inspiring hum of fuzz-laden pop noise that will have your heart palpitating in seconds.

The incredibly bright and sparkling hooks interlaced on each track of Prism Eyes, jaunt ecstatically between erotic and neurotic, with the wall of soaring vocals and stunning guitar/keyboard interplay knocking out hit after glorious hit. Scraping up equal parts scuzz-chug guitar and sugar beats never felt so good as it does here, further locking in Reading Rainbow’s solid reputation as the pop masters that they’ve truly become. It’s just track after track of chill-inducing, feverishly-angelic, heavenly dark pop hits that you couldn’t remove from your head without some serious brain surgery, obviously letting you know that it’s time to crack open that candy-coated skull of yours, and dump this record right in.

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Prism Eyes LP 1st edition of 800 : SOLD OUT
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‘Tough Love’ b/w ‘Over It’ 7″ (HZR-065)
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