The Flips


At this very moment, The Flips are one of the absolute best, true, all-female bands to fully capture the spine-tingling effervescence and true songwriting prowess of the first wave of Girl Group Sounds. Based in Milwaukee and only making rare live appearances periodically, The Flips are an unmatched six-piece super group of songwriters and talented ladies who have straddled the raw essence of the Brill Building’s top-notch harmonies, snapping hooks and chest-pounding desperation and they’ve cranked out three songs presented here that are truly monumental. Featuring members of Plexi 3, Sticks ‘N Stones, Sugar Stems, Cry Coyote, Ramma Lamma, The Spectras, and Jane Doe & the Cophaters, The Flips have the perfect chops and elaborately sophisticated pop execution that’s always sorely lacking in pop music these days.

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I Just Don’t Know Where I Stand 3-track 7″ EP (HZR-072)
Black Edition of 500 (SOLD OUT)
Red edition of 250 (SOLD OUT)

I Just Don’t Know Where I Stand debut 3-track 7″ EP (HZR-072)
Gold Edition of 200 with alternate sleeve (SOLD OUT)