Just as the rest of the modern world is warming up to the fuzzy pop nightmare of Nobunny’s debut LP, we’ve got the follow-up 7″ with two brand new songs that will bring back that virginal feeling “down there” and reinstate your faith in humanity. Sunshine Ramones pop run through a Kim Fowley diarrhea daydream that will have you mesmerized by it’s simplicity, and won over before the end of the chorus on the first side. Two more stone-cold classic Nobunny songs that’ll stick with you through the hard times and with laden with hooks so infectious that you’ll have to have them surgically removed from your brain.

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‘Give It To Me’ b/w ‘Motorhead With Me’ 7″ (HZR-024)
First Press Black edition of 700 with Yellow Sleeve (SOLD OUT)
Red edition of 300 with Yellow Sleeve (SOLD OUT)
Green edition of 300 with Orange Sleeve (SOLD OUT)
Blue edition of 300 with Blue Sleeve (SOLD OUT)
Clear edition of 300 with Blue Sleeve (SOLD OUT)
Purple edition of 300 with Pink Sleeve Available HERE:


‘Give It To Me’ b/w ‘Motorhead With Me’ 7″ (HZR-024)
Gold Edition of 200 (SOLD OUT)