A dissonant barrage of twisted repetition destined to stick to your ribs and give you the creeps, featuring the earliest recordings from these Chicago sickies. Disgustingly infectious, and delivered with dark, ruinous precision, it’s a whole new simplified take on negativity, and it hits the nail right on the head. Gold editions come with metallic inked sleeve, and black editions come wrapped in a headache-inducing 3-D sleeve, both featuring some of the greatest elderly genitalia you’re likely to see this year.

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‘Surprise Surprise’ b/w ‘In The Year Zero’ 7″ (HZR-009)
1st press Black edition of 400 (SOLD OUT)
Purple edition of 200 (SOLD OUT)


‘Surprise Surprise’ b/w ‘In The Year Zero’ 7″ (HZR-009)
Gold Edition of 100 with reverse alternate sleeve (SOLD OUT)